About us

We are a team of professional translators and we provide support to our clients for the communication of their message in a foreign language. Yes, that’s right, for the communication!

Since we have started our profession we realized that, in order to communicate and translate, simply knowing a language is not enough, but it is especially important to have the necessary expertise to do it.

This is the reason why we decided to join our forces and combine our translation experiences in PAROLABIS. In fact, we believe that it is essential to create a professionals “network” in our field and work in synergy together, so as to offer the higher standards in professional services.

If you need help with the French, English, German, Spanish, Russian and Italian languages, PAROLABIS is exactly what you are looking for!

Why us? Because we love our job, we love working with languages, with sounds and with communication, we love communicating and helping others to do the same. You must be wondering: what does this have to do with translation? Well, it does! The passion for our job is what makes us careful, accurate and reliable. We try to pay the needed attention to all the requests that our clients make and we are very clear and punctual.

You need PAROLABIS if:

– you are a company and you need to translate documents, websites or emails from or to a foreign language; you need to contact your clients abroad or you would like to internationalize your business;

– you are a student, a professional, an artist and you need to translate your CV, your cover letter or an application in a foreign language;

– you are a person who just wants to communicate a message to the whole world.

If you don’t fall into anyone of the proposed categories, contact us, so as to find together the strategy that better suits you or to get a quote.

To learn more have a look to our services section!


Silvia Cancedda – Founder and Manager

Interpreter and translator from English, Spanish and French to Italian

Fields of expertise: Law, Art & Theatre, Health & Wellness, Travel & Tourism.

VAT number: 13152261007
+39 3497401058
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Based in: Turin (Italy)



Veronica Cesarco – Founder and Manager
Interpreter and translator from English and German to Italian

Fields of expertise: Law, Travel & Tourism, Marketing, Business and Journalism.

VAT number.: 215/5027/5705
+49 15214711380
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Based in: Cologne (Germany)

Gabriella Tindiglia – Collaborator

Translator from English, French and Spanish to Italian.

Fields of expertise: Law, Business, Finance, Travel & Tourism.

VAT number: IT02954610834
Tel: +393429099843
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Based in: Messina (Italy)



Tina Sposato – Collaborator

Interpreter and translator from English, Spanish and Russian to Italian.

Fields of expertise: Law, Marketing, Tourism and Manuals.

Tel:  +34 605 44 47 69
+39 328 92 76 424
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Based in: Madrid (Spain)